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Vintage white car on the side of a desert highway with 3 vintage suitcases stacked on the trunk.

Packing can be a real bummer. You have to determine what you really need, make it all fit (Tetris style), and then– if you’re like me– sit on it to get it to zip. No matter where I travel or for however long, I will always bring my big ass bag with my essentials, multiple outfit options, and a gazillion pairs of underwear.

Here are my suitcase essentials for any trip:

Beis Check-In Roller

Beis Weekender Bag

Hanging Cosmetic Case

Jewelry Organizer

Bubs Travel Packets

Extra Hair Ties & Clips

Mini Detangler

Dry Shampoo

Migraine Stick

Portable Steamer

Kristen Louelle



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