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What’s in my Cart: Amazon

Did you know you can basically get the wardrobe you want all on Amazon?!? I am adding those Levi’s to my cart right TF now. So many great staple pieces on here to add substance to your closet without having to pay an absurd amount on shipping and with Prime there’s no waiting 2 months to wear it.

Take a look at the items in my cart right now:

  1. JW Pei Ruched Handbag
  2. Crop Tank Top
  3. Corduroy Button Down Shirt
  4. Racerback Crop Tank
  5. Plaid High-Waist Trousers
  6. Cropped Crewneck
  7. Cargo Pants
  8. Retro Sunglasses
  9. Reebok 85s
  10. Levi’s Straight Jeans
Kristen Louelle



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