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What’s in my Cart: Amazon

Kristen holding an iced coffee posing with her leg up on a fence

Who said cute outfits can’t be found for a bargain! These are great daily accessories, fun staple items, and channeling early Y2K vibes all on Amazon. Great prices and some currently on sale! Run don’t walk!

  1. Plush Slippers (you can be cute & comfy!)
  2. Workout Set (under $30)
  3. Trendy Sunnies (everyday cute glasses)
  4. Ruched Button Down Top ($29.99)
  5. Collared Tank (channeling Pam)
  6. Classic Reeboks (on SALE for $49)
  7. Beaded Choker Necklace (loving the colorful details)
  8. Dad Hat (one of the only cute hats I’ve found for under $20!)
Kristen Louelle



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