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What I Wore: Cabo San Lucas

photo of boats on ocean near rock formations

*Goes to Cabo with all types of gorgeous dresses, but can’t twerk in gorgeous dresses so changes into appropriate twerking attire 4/5 the nights*

Yes, yes, I was on one this trip and was livingggg. If you watched my instagram stories, you saw how rowdy this little group can get. 3 of us are parents so when we have the chance to party without having to worry about our kids, we go hard. Just because you’re a mom or a dad doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore! It’s all about balance 😉

NBD Nude Gown
Michael Costello Black Maxi Skirt
Michael Costello Black Crop Top
RAYE Ivory Heels
Lovers & Friends Orange Halter Top

Kristen Louelle



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