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Supplements: Taking Your Body to the Next Level

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I often get asked what supplements I take &/or how to make workouts & diets more effective. Here is a list of daily supplements that have worked the best for me! Once I started using these it was an immediate game changer. I’m sure you don’t want to buy them all at once so I put them in order of what I find most important, but honestly they’re all equally important. Remember, anything you put in your body is always worth the investment!! 

*1. Ab Cuts CLA

Essentially this is a glorified fish oil. This increases metabolic rates & immune system, and blocks brown fat (the bad fat). Costco has a 2 pack for sale. 

*2. Whey Protein

Working out without protein is like running your car on water. Your body NEEDS fuel, and your muscles cannot grow (can’t lose fat) without feeding those muscles. Your workout is pointless without protein. I bring a shaker with a scoop of protein with me to the gym. About half way through I fill it up with water and you have the rest of your workout to finish the shake. This is feeding your muscles and will allow your muscles to grow and continue to burn fat AFTER your workout. This is my favorite protein- low cals, sugar and carbs and 24g of protein with lots of flavor selections. I just got coffee and love it. Shoot girl, you can make a nice morning frappacino with this!

3. Pre-workout

Obviously this gets your blood flow going and gets you in the zone for working out. This one was my favorite- yummy too, lots of flavors to choose from. I take about a half hour before my workout. Tip: turn your phone on airplane mode, blast a good playlist and just look at yourself in the mirror- each rep FOCUS on that muscle you are trying to work. If you are doing bi curls, put all your focus on that bicep. *high intensity!! No more than 30-60 seconds between sets! This is YOUR time.

4. BCAA– 

This is another form of pre-workout, with the extra boost of amino acids. This allows improved focus, strength, length of workout, and especially helps with recovery and soreness. You can choose to take before, during or after. I took it before. 

*Here is an article explaining the difference between pre-workouts and BCAA

5. Multi-vitamin

Any multi-vitamin works, but this is my preferred brand.

Extra Notes:

*Stay away from fat burners.They are just caffeine and a waste of money. 

*Detox tea– you can have this every day. After a few days it’s incredible how it helps with bloat in midsection and face. You just feel better all around and skin glows. 

*Weightless– I drank this and mixed with detox tea when I had something coming up. I always carry it when I fly (you bloat when you fly due to altitude). You can also take during your period.

*Green tea I drink daily, you can have as much as you want.

*Gallon of water a day– adding lemon as antioxidant is a huge plus!

Take all these- you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your workouts and the results of your workouts and diet. I hope this helps, you are all rockstars & deserves to be the best version of yourself!

Kristen Louelle



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