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Southern Deviled Eggs

Let’s be real (I like doing that), who doesn’t like deviled eggs?? Are you even a true red blooded American unless you love deviled eggs? Every Thanksgiving & Christmas I have a couple go-to’s for finger foods. I mean isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about- overly dressing up to sit around in your living room all day consuming roughly 4,000 calories and watching football with your family? Orrrr is that just me? Here is one of my many favorite finger food appetizers: Southern Deviled Eggs. They’re not just ordinary deviled eggs, they’re southern, which just means they’re even that much better. I don’t know what it is about them but I have ALWAYS loved them. And some might even call me a deviled eggs snob? If they’re bland, they aren’t worth it. But if they have that heavy sweet relish taste or tons of paprika, I’ll have an entire plate without fear of judgement from friends and family beside me (as if Thanksgiving isn’t just one big circle of judgement, am I right? #wine).

Generally I make 2 batches of them and they always run out so I suggest having 3-4 batches ready to go, baby. They WILL go fast!


*6 hard boiled eggs

*3 Tbsp Mayonnaise 

*1/2 Tsp yellow mustard

*1 1/2 Tsp sweet pickle relish

*pinch salt & pepper


*baby dill pickles sliced


  1. Hard boil eggs.
    • BOILING EGGS TRICK*** Boil eggs for roughly 12 minutes. Once they are done immediately place them in a big bowl of ice cold water. Let them sit for 5-10 mins. This hardens the shell back so when you are peeling the egg shells off they slide off easily vs a fucking nightmare. 
  2. Cut eggs in halves, remove yolks and place in a small mixing bowl.  Place egg whites on a platter or egg plate (what a great invention btw). 
  3. Mash yolks with a fork until they resemble a sandy texture. Add mayonnaise, mustard, relish, salt, and pepper; stir until well combined and smooth.
  4. Place egg yolk mixture into a Ziploc bag towards one corner. Cut the a corner with scissors. Sprinkle with paprika and garnish each deviled egg with a dill pickle slice. 
  5. INDULGE!!
Kristen Louelle



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