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Sephora Sale: Skin

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Skincare savings are the best savings! With summer around the corner, these are my go-to skincare products for a perfect glow. Keep that skin hydrated and bronzed (without the sun damage).

Don’t forget to use codes SAVESPRING and FREESHIP online until 4/11!

  1. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Moisturizer
  2. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50
  3. Biossance Gel Moisturizer
  4. Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream
  5. Estée Lauder DayWear Cream
  6. Estée Lauder Night Cream
  7. Clarins Gel Cream
  8. Charlotte Tilbury Clay Mask
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Body Highlighter
  10. St. Tropez Tanning Mousse
  11. St. Tropez Applicator Mitt
Kristen Louelle



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