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What I Wore: Kona, Hawaii

“I like my money where I can see it- in my closet.”

Carrie Bradshaw

Super exciting news- I WILL be sharing all of my favorite Revolve products monthly!!

Whether I have a wedding, an event, or go on vacation, Revolve is always my go to online shop. For one, they have SO MANY OPTIONS for every occasion. Two, it’s not terribly priced. Three, it’s cute AF. But honestly what I love most is the customer service! They have chat 24/7 & every shipment comes with a free return label. Any time I’m last minute to an event I order the house knowing I can try things on & return whatever doesn’t fit or I don’t like hassle free.

How was Kona, HI?

Well… let’s just say I’m more of a Cabo gal. The weather reminded me a ton of Florida- hot air, fuzzy hair. It was not cute for this lion’s mane. The town is definitely somewhere you go if you want to disappear or enter Witness Protection Program. It was just different than I expected!

However, there were definitely some amazing things about Hawaii. Like how CHILL AF everyone is. Here I am bringing heeled sandals & bomb resort wear to dinner, meanwhile everyone else is in t-shirts & old flip flops. I literally saw people with holes in their shoes! Not because of lack of means but because people are just so chill there they really don’t care- they’re on island time, baby!!

I made the most of it with my family & took advantage of the cute scenery to snap some pictures in some of my favorite Revolve looks for this summer.

Remember, you can alway shop my Revolve Favorites here.

#RevolveAroundTheWorld : Hawaii Edition

  1. Sofie Richie Nima Top
  2. Sofie Richie Nima Sarong
  3. Sensational Hat
  4. Gisou Hair Oil
  5. Satin Lipstick
  1. Sofie Richie Manina Top
  2. Sofie Richie Manina Maxi Skirt
  3. Small Chain Necklace
  4. Adriana Necklace
  5. Chunky Small Hoop Earings
  6. Body Blur Tanner
  1. Rocha Romper
  2. Low Key Sandal
  3. Jack Sunglasses
  1. Janan Pant
  2. Ren Sandal
  3. Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Kristen Louelle



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