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A cleeeean slate!

Hello 2022, I really hope you’ve got some good in store for us, because lord knows we need it. I always love the start of a new year because it’s the chance to begin again from page 1 and move forward. Take some time for yourself this year to reconnect, prioritize your health, focus on things that are important to you. To help get you started, here is a list of tools to jumpstart your year for a healthy life:

+They’re all available on Amazon!

  1. Chewsy Chews – Delicious chewable vitamins for the whole fam
  2. Bala Ankle Weights – Every lazy girl’s favorite workout tool
  3. Matching workout set – The best way to start working out is with a cute a$$ outfit amiright??
  4. Exercise Ball – Strengthen that core girl!
  5. Detox Tea – Promotes healthy skin, liver and kidney functions
  6. Water Jug – Make sure you stay hydrated
  7. Protein Powder – Grow and glow girl
  8. The 5-Minute Journal – Gratitude is the attitude

Kristen Louelle



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