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Kitchen + Hosting Must-Haves

This year, we hosted Christmas dinner at our house and I was scrambling to get all the perfect little details. I didn’t want to get anything super expensive in case it broke or got stained, etc. So I opted for Amazon and let👏me👏tell👏you… It was a huge success. So much so that now we are the official hosts for family Christmas dinner until the end of time.

And btw, it’s totally not cheating if you get the food catered because ya gotta draw the line somewhere.

I felt like a true hostess with the mostess! Here are some items I can’t live without for future events:

Cocktail Glasses

Wooden Serving Bowl

Shallow Serving Bowls

Round Wood Chopping/Charcuterie Board

Red Wine Glasses

More Kitchen + Hosting items here:

Kristen Louelle



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