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End of Summer, start of the school year…Mama’s already tired.

I like to order all my random wants and needs on Amazon because I can get it all in the same place and at the same time. Plus I’m not splurging too much on one item. I’ll get anything from self-care items and school supplies, to swimwear and home decor.

Here’s everything currently in my cart on Amazon:

What's in my Amazon cart. A collection of images of items from Kristen Louelle's amazon storefront. Top to bottom: glass water carafe with two glass cups, beige linen shirt and shorts set, tumbled stone coasters, beige glass water bottles, cotton oversized button down shirt, rhinestone chainmail purse, beige henley lounge shorts set, rose eye patches.
  1. Rose Eye Patches
  2. Casual Cotton Linen Oversized Shirt
  3. Henley Lounge Set
  4. Cult Gia dupe rhinestone bag
  5. Tumbled Stone Coasters
  6. Linen Casual Set
  7. Glass Water Bottle 42 oz.
  8. Nightstand Water Carafe + 2 Glasses
Kristen Louelle



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