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Home Decor That Won’t Break the Bank

Finding home decor pieces that don’t cost a million dollars is often a difficult thing to do. But now on Amazon, with their wide variety of products, I can basically find anything I’ve seen in AD or at Target for a fraction of the cost. This way you can get the “expensive look” without taking out a loan.

Here are some pieces that I love:

Cotton Tea Towels– These are great for functionality and accents

Cloche Bottle for Matches– Makes the small things look beautiful and chic next to a candle or fireplace

Faux Leather Bar Stools– Comfortable and sturdy, these are perfect at our kitchen island

Clothing Rack– I swear by this thing! It is perfect to visualize outfits and plan content + you can add cute details

Faux Linen Pillow Cases- No one wants to splurge on pillow cases that sticky little fingers will wipe on them

Plant Pot- Our plant family has expanded and pots are a gauge these days, so this one is perfect

Check out some other items in my Home Decor ideas list and use these helpful links to refresh your home!

Kristen Louelle



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