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Flying With Your Little Ones

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Traveling with Babies 101:

You’ve booked your flight. You’ve made the plans. And now the anxiety sets in- holy crap, how the HELL am I going to travel with my infant child? What do I do? Are people going to hate me? Here are a few tips & reminders to help calm your nerves before you fly with your sweet little one.

1. It’s okay! There is always going to be that asshole who gives you the ‘who brings a baby on a flight’ look but guess what buddy, do you suggest I take my 6 month old on a cross county road trip instead? Flying is the best option. So screw those people & give yourself a pat on the back for having more balls than that guy. Flying with kids is not easy, but remember: It’s okay & you will get through it! You are a badass for taking on the challenge.

2. Prepare. I’ve learned that a happy mom & happy baby go hand in hand, along with preparation. Before every flight I get the baby bag & travel essentials ready, check into my flight, and don’t forget the copy of your child’s birth certificate.

3. Plan around your baby’s schedule. I personally like to plan around Jaxon’s nap & feeding schedule. For example, he eats at noon followed by a nap- sounds like a yes to the noon flight! Whenever I fly cross country I choose the red eye so he can sleep the entire flight and not mess with his schedule too much.

3. Less is more. When you are holding your baby, that alone is a lot of weight, so make sure to pack only the necessities. Here are a few:

  • For baby:
    • Baby carrier. Two hands is better than one!
    • If you’ll be needing a stroller I highly suggest leaving the expensive bulky one at home & getting yourself a $50 or less cheap umbrella stroller. They’re actually great & easy to use!
    • Bottle for feeding/take off
    • If breastfeeding, bring a paci for take off to avoid your LO freaking out during take off
    • New toys. I bring 2-3 for Jax’s favorite small toys, along with 1-2 new ones so he is entertained by something new
    • Blanket. Sometimes I luck out and don’t have any one next to me, so I make a little comfy cubby for Jaxon to sleep on
    • Eye blinders. Yes, I’m that crazy mom who gives her child eye blinders, but it works!
    • Diapers. For obvious reasons.
    • Easy clothes, along with a change of clothes just in case. You never know when you’re babe wants to shit himself- yes, that has happened to me on a plane before (not me, the baby!)
    • Snacks. I keep a little tupper wear with Puffs & teething bars.
    • Wet Ones. Jaxon wants to put everything in his mouth these days so I make sure to wipe down everything around him, including the seatbelt, safety handouts, and tray table.
  • For mom:
    • Wallet. Forget the headphones & the book (that’s hilarious). You need a small wallet with your ID & credit card for wine.
    • Comfy clothes. I try and avoid layers. Wearing/holding your baby all day is a heat blanket in itself.
  • *Note: I keep things that I know I’ll need in the front pockets of my baby bag & don’t want to go searching for with a crying baby. For example, my wallet, wet ones & pacifier.

4.  Goodies for your neighbors. I can’t take full credit as I found this idea on Pinterest, but it was a hit! I made little goodie bags with 2 chocolate chip cookies each with a little note I had printed out. I made a dozen that way I could cover the people in front, in back & to the side of me. Of course Jaxon was an angel & didn’t make a peep, but being thoughtful goes a long way for your neighbors.

Alright, that’s all I got, ladies! Traveling with your sweet little one is a challenge, there is no doubt about it. But just remind yourself, it’s only a few hours, you will get through it & be stronger because of it. Keeping being badass mamas, you are all rockstars!!

Kristen Louelle


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