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Family Disney Day Tips

Going to Disneyland is no small adventure, it’s an excursion that takes training for (kidding, but also, not really).

Taking the family to Disneyland is always so much fun, but I’ve definitely learned some tricks along the way that have been a major help for us as parents, and to keep the kids comfortable throughout the day. Instead of learning the hard way, I want to share my tips with you for your next Disney day:

  • BYOWB: Bring your own water bottle! There are refill stations throughout the park. Otherwise you’re left paying an arm and a leg for Dasani water (ew, no thank you).
  • BYOC: Bring your own cooler! We pack ours with healthy snacks like salads, fruits, and bars for the boys. This saves a ton of money and gives good, clean energy vs. sugar-filled options. But, of course, we always treat ourselves to a turkey leg!
  • Use a fanny pack: Keep all your essentials on you hands-free. No one wants to tote around a big, heavy bag all day.
  • Wear supportive sneakers: Tired feet are the worst at Disneyland, plus all you’re doing is walking anyway. Might as well make it feel like a workout (because it is).
  • If you have kids under 8yo, I would bring a small foldable stroller to prevent tantrums and give them a place to sit while waiting in line for the rides.
Kristen Louelle



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