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A Letter to My Son, Our First Year

Dear Jaxon,

I can’t believe you just turned one. I still remember you that very first day at the hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. Daddy was there with us the entire journey. He helped Mommy bring you into this world, & when he first saw you he started bawling. When Dr. Connolly pulled you up & I heard that first cry, Mommy & Daddy held each other tightly & cried a cry we never knew existed. It was an overpowering feeling of love. Pure, selfless, beautiful, intense love. And we’ve felt that love every single day thanks to you.

You were a big baby. All the nurses couldn’t believe it, they kept calling Mommy a rockstar. When we brought you home Daddy held you everywhere he went. He was so sad to leave us for camp, but we were just fine. You & I went to see him EVERY single day at camp, we didn’t miss a single practice or game. We were road dogs you & I, and we were there with Gigi & Gman when Daddy scored his first NFL touchdown. Mommy cried & you were sleeping. You slept all the time! You didn’t like sleeping in your crib at first, you would only sleep on Mommy’s chest, but I didn’t mind it.

After just 7 weeks of lots of practice & commitment, you slept through the night for the first time & never looked back. Mommy & Daddy will always be thankful for this. Sometimes you slept in so much we had to wake YOU up! I guess you were just such a big baby that you needed all that time to keep growing.

You grew so fast. You learned so fast. Everything you did was so advanced. A year later I still am in awe with how intelligent & aware you are. That’s the number one thing nurses, doctors, even strangers would say about you “Wow, I can’t believe how alert he is!” Hmm.. I wonder where you get that from!

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I’ll never forget the times we had together in the bath. I would play music & you would look up to Mommy & Daddy with the biggest smiles & sweetest giggles. You made us cry tears of joy & happiness more times than we could count.

One of the things we are most thankful for is how incredibly smart & routine oriented you were (again, I have no idea where that could have come from). Naps, feeding & bedtime were like clockwork. You could also sign language food, more & all done! So many other mothers complained about their babies, but not me. I had the sweetest, smartest, most loving & sleep happy baby around.


Oh, I can’t forget when you began to walk. In fact, you didn’t just walk, you went straight to running. Running, dancing & shaking your booty. Also, you definitely get your head of hair from Daddy- you had 4 haircuts before your first birthday!

Things You Loved Your First Year:

-Your bouncy gym. You would jump for hours a day! Mommy loved this.

-Your binky. But only one kind!

-Sophie the Giraffe, your homegirl

-Waking up in the morning, smiling every time

-Food. You’re a beast

-Music. You’d listen to rap music blasting every day at the gym & it wouldn’t bother you one bit

-People watching

-Dancing. People always comment on what a great dancer & how rhythmic you are at so young

-Books. Anytime we’d say “where is Jaxon??” you would be in your play room reading books all by yourself


You loved so much & made everyone around you smile, sweet Jaxon. Everyone would always tell us that you are the happiest baby they have ever come across, and they were right. Your smile, your laugh, the way you raise your little eyebrow & make funny facial expressions. I can’t find one thing to complain about. I ask myself every day how did I get so lucky? And I truly believe it’s because Daddy & I love each other so much. So much that we were able to create you & give you the same love we have for each other.

Thank you, Jaxon. Know Mommy always loves you & will always be your biggest fan. I couldn’t ask for a better son.

Cheers to year number 2, let’s do this, baby!!



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