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3 Quick, Healthy Snacks in Under 5 Minutes

sliced cucumber on brown wooden round plate

So as a mama I’m constantly trying out new & efficient ways to do things, especially in the kitchen. Between Tyler & Jaxon it seems that they eat non stop. I always make them a priority & cook for myself last & by then I’m pooped. I also don’t want to be too lazy & settle for some microwavable, unhealthy or “healthy” meals (even though sometimes I totally do, no shame). But for the most part I try to be healthy & efficient. SO I’ve made a short list of some of my go- to daytime snacks that are nutritious, require just a few, simple ingredients & can be made in under 5 minutes.



Multi-grain bread

1/4 avocado

Red pepper flakes

Black lava salt

Olive oil/Avocado oil

1 egg

Goat cheese crumbles


  1. Pour tablespoon avocado/olive oil on small cooking pan on medium heat. Cook egg to your liking (I like over medium so that it’s cooked but you still get the gooey yolk on your toast).
  2. While the egg is cooking, toast 1 slice multi-grain toast.
  3. Add 1/4 avocado to toast. I’ve found 1/4 avocado is the perfect amount & now you can make 4 avo toasts with just 1 avocado, much more efficient.
  4. Add black lava salt, red pepper flakes & pepper. Black lava salt is THE BEST. You don’t need much at all, there is tons of flavor in a small quantity.
  5. Add egg.
  6. Add goat cheese crumbles.

Seriously SO easy & absolutely phenomenal. One thing I will say is double check your bread (and all products/ingredients for that matter)! You might see brown bread that says ‘organic.. multi-grain.. whole wheat’ etc. but do yourself a favor, turn that packaging around & look at the ingredients. My mom is so cute. She knows our family is health conscious so she tries so hard to prep the house with healthy food when we visit. However, she is a sucker for labels! Can’t hate the companies for tricking you, they sure are believable. For example, my mom will buy ‘Whole Wheat’ bread but there are 90 ingredients, half of which I can’t pronounce aka not good for you!

*RULE OF THUMB: Check your ingredients! If you can’t pronounce it &/or don’t know what it is, it’s probably not good for you. Try & stick with WHOLE ingredients that come from the earth baby.



1 tomato

1/2 pre-sliced mozzarella package

Fresh basil leaves

Balsamic glaze



  1. Slice tomato.
  2. Add pre-sliced mozzarella to plate.
  3. Add fresh basil leaves.
  4. Add as much balsamic glaze & pepper as you’d like.

I mean does it get much simpler than that?? This snack literally takes me one minute & has little clean up. There is something about that cheese & fresh tomato combination that is so refreshing. Plus, it looks so pretty!



3 Leaves of romaine lettuce

Hummus of your liking

Spicy brown mustard




Cayenne pepper

*Deli turkey

*Deli cheese of your liking


  1. Wash lettuce leaves & let dry.
  2. Add hummus of your liking. I like Spicy Red Pepper hummus (or anything spicy for that matter). Add mustard (again, I go with spicy).
  3. Add all the sliced veggies you want!! I’ve listed a few of my favorites, but like with anything, the more veggies the better. You can add peppers, carrots, etc.
  4. Top with red pepper.

Another tasty, healthy meal in under 5 minutes baby. I am trying to stay away from dairy & meat as much as possible & just be all around more health conscious, but if you must have some go ahead & make this a turkey lettuce wrap. They are delicious and one of Ty’s favorites. He likes peppered turkey & pepper jack cheese slices. I just suggest getting your meats & cheeses at the deli in the grocery store versus the packaged, hormone injected products in the aisles.

Kristen Louelle




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